World Book Day 2022

As part of our drive to promote a love of reading, we celebrated World Book Day with activities that were threaded through the week. Each year group used a non-fiction book as a stimulus for learning in English, art and the wider curriculum; the world produced reflected the high standard and expectations that the children have of themselves. In Year 3, they read the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages; in Year 4, they read DK Engineering; in Year 5, they read the Bluest of Blues and in Year 6, they read The National Parks of the USA. It has been lovely to see the children be so excited about using a non-fiction text as a stimulus. The work will be displayed around school.

On World Book Day, the school took part in a dress up, with children coming as a fictional character or something they would find in a non-fiction text; it was wonderful to see costumes that were reflective of books they had read.