Poetry and Me

Leo, in Y3, has been involved in a 4 week after school poetry workshop with Grimm & Co: Poetry and Me programme.

Spoken Word Power is a new, funded project supporting children and young people around the nation to creatively champion the spoken word, nurturing positive attitudes to language and learning and providing a platform for the vibrant voices of a new generation of young people. This year’s Spoken Word Power theme was Speaking My Truth.

Leo wrote his own poem and was invited to perform at Rotherham Civic Theatre!


I come from – Leo

I come from the fiery heart of a volcano

I come from swinging through the trees with lemurs

I come from the pages of a book about dragons

I come from a trip to Blue Stone

I come from the Core of Light

I come from chicken dippers and fluffy pancakes

I come from Grimm & Co with magical beings

I come from poetry and haikus and magical potatoes

I come from playing with friends

I come from origins of lions

I am shouting at the top of my roar

This is my truth.