Eco - Warriors

Please meet this year’s Eco-warriors, who have been elected by their class peers. At Sitwell Juniors we are striving to become an eco-school, this means we are trying to make changes within the school to protect the environment. If we successfully manage to make some positive changes this year we will become an eco-friendly school. This year the Eco-warriors will carry out an environmental review, create an action plan for the school, create an eco-code, and communicate any decisions made or discussed at fortnightly meetings with their class. They have already been super busy helping around the school with recycling. As a school, we are currently collecting and recycling crisp packets, which we will be sending off to a local charity that makes insulated blankets for the homeless. A fantastic first event from our wonderful committee. 

Here are our Eco-Warriors.

Leo Hanna 3ND
Lucy Oscar 4EL
Grace Darcie Shreshta
Aafiah Dareesha Mika