Clubs – Summer Term 2021

At Sitwell Junior School, we pride ourselves on the rich curriculum we provide for our children so that they have the opportunity to develop a wide range of interests and talents. An important part of this is provided through our Breakfast and after school clubs. Following an audit of clubs, we are pleased to inform you that an even wider range of clubs will be on offer from September, where many will be led by staff within school, ensuring that safeguarding remains our number one priority.

Breakfast Club

This will run 5 days a week between 7.40am and 8.40am. Breakfast club is managed by Mr Cassell, Miss Bradbury, Miss Staveley and Mrs Fossey. We offer a range of sports and craft activities. Breakfast will also be available for all children attending. The cost per day will be £3.00. This covers staffing, materials and breakfast. Please note: there will be no adult supervision before the start time of 7.40am and, therefore, children should not arrive before this time.

After school

All clubs will run from 3pm to 4pm. The cost of all clubs will be £2.50 per session, apart from one club per evening, which will be free of charge. This covers the cost of staffing and resources. If a club must be cancelled, we will endeavour to let you know as soon as possible or will reallocate your child to another club for that session. Please note: we do not run after school clubs in the last week of the Summer Term.

Summer Term Clubs


Upper School Football (girls and boys) – Mr. Cassell
Lower School Football (girls and boys) – Mr. McKenzie
Girls Only Football – RUFC


Xcite Sports – Mr. Goddard
Sketching Club – Mrs. Winters


Times Tables Rock Stars – Mrs. Mather & Mrs. Dear
Arty Club – Mrs. Concannon & Mrs. Fossey


Running – Mr. Snow
Mindfulness – Miss. Iqbal


Lower School Cricket – Mr. Nazir
Upper School Cricket – Mr. Berkshire