Clubs – Summer Term 2022

At Sitwell Junior School, we pride ourselves on the rich curriculum we provide for our children so that they have the opportunity to develop a wide range of interests and talents. An important part of this is provided through our breakfast and after-school clubs.

Breakfast Club

This runs 5 days a week between 7.45am and 8.40am. Breakfast club is managed by staff in school, where chlWe offer a range of sports and craft activities. Breakfast will also be available for all children attending. The cost per day is £3.00. This covers staffing, materials and breakfast. Please note: there will be no adult supervision before the start time of 7.40am and, therefore, children should not arrive before this time.

After school

The after-school clubs are listed in the table below and will start the week commencing 25th April, 2022. They will run from 3pm to 4pm and places will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis. All after-school clubs will incur a charge of £2.50 per session.

Summer Term Clubs

Day Extra-Curricular Club Staff Member
Monday Girls Football

LS Boys Football

US Boys Football


Reading Eggs

Board Games


Mr McKenzie

Mr Berkshire/Mr Cassell 

Mrs Concannon/Mrs Dear 

Miss Briscoe/Mrs Mather

Mrs Doughty

Tuesday Computer Club

Xcite Sports

Seasonal Craft Club


Mrs Lambert

Mr Goddard

Miss Briscoe/Mrs Dear

Mrs Elliott

Wednesday Keep Moving (Yoga, Go Noodle, Dance)



Mrs Concannon/Mrs Fossey

Miss Bradbury/Mrs Mather

Mrs Cowburn/Mrs Foster

Thursday Singing

Into Film Club

Nature Club

Mrs Cowburn/Mrs Stainrod

Mrs Dawson/Mrs Walker

Mrs Smith

Friday Cricket


Crafty Wellbeing Club

Mr Berkshire/Mr Cassell

Miss Evans

Mrs Parker/Mrs Webb