Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone and welcome back to school for the start of 2022. I hope that everyone has had an enjoyable Christmas!

We had a really terrific autumn term 2 and I was determined this week to write to recognise the amazing pupils and staff that make Sitwell an incredible place to learn and work.  Once again, the children rose to our high expectations in terms of their learning and behaviour. Visitors to school, including colleagues from our Trust, were blown away by our children’s positive attitude and commitment to their learning. They were also impressed by how polite and well-mannered our children are. Who could ask for more?

Towards the end of the term, the school turned very festive. The online Christmas Productions were truly amazing; such talented children. The singing left me impressed, speechless, emotional and very proud of everyone involved. The final week of the term included Christmas dinner day, Christmas jumper day, Pupil of the Term assemblies and year group Christmas parties. It was relentless but enjoyable!

Pupil of the Term

Just before Christmas we held our Pupil of the Term assemblies. A big well done to the children who were nominated by their class teachers for showing the Sitwell Seven values throughout Term 1.

Winter Displays

Just before the Christmas break, we held our Winter Book Week, where each class became immersed in a winter story. As a result, the work produced is of an extremely high standard. Wouldn’t you agree?

Finally, I know we have plenty of things planned for this half term including our life skills day, celebrating differences assemblies and sports hall athletics competition. I can’t wait!