New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Welcome back to another exciting year at Sitwell Junior School. It has been a very busy summer at school with eight classrooms being decorated, but we are ready, on time, thanks to lots of graft and teamwork! Teachers and support staff were in a great deal over the holidays, to ensure the classrooms look smart, de-cluttered and welcoming and from the photographs below, I think that they have done a sterling job!

It’s a ‘New Beginning’ for us all, with new classes and new teachers. We start the year with a focus on our core values – the Sitwell Seven and our ethos statements will reflect the work done this week and over the coming term.


During our first assembly, we will watch the video of the Parable of the Two Builders – Wise & Foolish, which can be found at


Notice the instructions that the boys see. Do they learn from what they see? How much effort do they put into their work? Why do things go wrong? Would you have done things differently?

We will think about how every lesson is really a ‘new beginning’, a new chance to learn and an opportunity to grow our brains. We will remind ourselves that it is up to us all to make positive changes and to help and support each other, making everyday a truly great day.