Summer Term 1

What an incredible half term we have had. Particular highlights for me include our whole-school Book Week, Pupil of the Term assemblies and our first parent coffee morning. Thank you to all of those who attended. As a result of your suggestions, we will be hosting a parent IT workshop on Thursday at 2pm to look at the communication systems we use in school, including Marvellous Me, Arbor and Parent Pay.  This half term is set to be just as busy as we will be holding a children’s cake sale and picnic afternoon and a parent cream Tea afternoon, in memory of Miss Emma Longstaff, Assistant Headteacher.

Our School Vision

During the Spring Term, all staff have been working hard on our school vision to ensure it reflects our school aspirations. We wanted to create a vision which underpinned our Sitwell Seven values, 3 school rules – Ready, Respectful and Safe, and our curriculum drivers of community, possibilities and responsibility. Below is a copy of our school vision. We hope that this allows you to understand the school’s direction and are fully supportive in reaching the end goals, so that we can all work together to embed it through our school community.

We will build a school community that encourages a love of learning in a safe and supportive environment where children are more than just educated. Children will be empowered to aim high and follow their dreams; anything is possible. With resilience and responsibility, they will be motivated to make a positive impact on each others’ lives, the school community and beyond. Working together with our families, our school drivers will be at the forefront of our curriculum: community, possibilities and responsibility. Together, we will continually strive to remove the barriers to success and fear of failure. We will work hard to establish an inclusive environment that accepts, respects and embraces diversity and challenges stereotypes – everybody has a part to play at Sitwell Junior School. We will ensure that our children move onto their next venture with the skills, knowledge and values to set them on the path to success.

Parents in School & Parent Questionnaires

It was great to see so many parents in school for our parent consultation meetings. The partnership between home and school is invaluable and I know you value the opportunity to share information and ensure that your child is performing as well as possible socially and academically. Thank you also to those of you who have already taken the time to complete the online parent questionnaire. The responses so far have been overwhelmingly positive. Your feedback is important and there is still time for you to have your say!

Whole-School Book Week

As part of the school’s continued drive to promote a love of reading, we celebrated World Book Day on Thursday 3rd March. During the week, the children explored a non-fiction book, and produced some outstanding pieces of work as a result of this. Each year group focused on a different book that was linked to their current topic:

Year 3 – Explore Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages

Year 4- DK Findout: Engineering

Year 5 – The Bluest of Blues

Year 6 – National Parks of the USA

Because of the children’s hard work, the school environment looks fabulous. They have worked hard to develop all of the Sitwell Seven values whilst completing their non-fiction work. The children have certainly taken responsibility for their own learning behaviour and have completed their writing, topic and artwork to the best of their abilities. Also, they have used their imagination and have approached all challenges positively, despite, at times, finding things hard. Well done Sitwell – I’m really proud of you all! Here are some of the photos showcasing the wonderful work produced by our children as a result of the whole-school book week!

Pupil of the Term

Just before the Easter break we held our Pupil of the Term assemblies. A big well done to the children who were nominated by their class teachers for showing the Sitwell Seven values throughout Term 2 and to the Young Voices Choir for their beautiful singing and playing.