School Council

Meet the class representatives:

Spring Term Updates:

During this term, we have been focusing on break and lunchtime equipment.¬†We’ve had lengthy discussions on equipment that could be purchases to keep everyone occupied during these parts of the day.

At times, it was extremely difficult not to get carried away with ideas. And, as much as we loved the idea skateboards and a skatepark, health and safety wise it certainly wouldn’t be ideal!

Our next steps when the new equipment arrives will be to put together a PowerPoint which the School Council representatives will deliver to their classes, outlining the rules to ensure our children remain safe when using the equipment.

We also had the opportunity to use our presentation skills in the classroom by sharing various large equipment designs. Each class has had the opportunity to vote for their favourite piece.

Watch this space for news on this!

Autumn Term Updates:

Throughout the autumn term the members of our School Council regularly met, with a focus on our lunchtime routines. They have discussed what they like about the current arrangements, taking feedback from their peers. Positives included:

  • Sitting with their classmates in the dinner hall
  • Fairness of spending time both inside and outside on the playground
  • Food choices available, including the variety of vegetables on offer

They have also discussed what they feel could be improved and this centred mainly around the level of noise. As a result, changes have been made to lunchtime routines to take account of this.

It is lovely to see our children contributing to the decision-making processes and fostering a sense of shared responsibility for the success and wellbeing of our school.