Sitwell 7

At Sitwell Junior School we are committed to providing a positive environment for learning.  Our staff and pupils work towards this through Respect and Resourcefulness.  We value our pupils’ Resilience, supporting them when developing Relationships and sometimes a little Risk Taking. We encourage Reflection and that is why our pupils are great at taking Responsibility. These are the values that make Sitwell a great Junior School.
These values make our school community happy and harmonious, a fun place, where children feel secure. Our Values are important to all pupils, staff and parents. The whole staff and all pupils are involved in promoting values and recognising their positive effects around school. The values have been selected by pupils and staff as values which are important within the school community and which will be important throughout life.
We will ensure that our seven shared Values known as ‘The Sitwell Seven’ are interwoven into the teaching and learning in order for children to make maximum progress as lifelong learners and thinkers.
To begin, our assemblies for the Autumn Term will focus on our School Values. Please click on the links below to view our assembly ideas:
Week 1 – New Beginnings
Week 2 – School Expectations
Week 3 – Sitwell Seven Value Respect